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Color Surfaces

colored plaster 400Color and its effects on the water is a priority concern. Whether you select traditional plaster, quartz, or pebble, color ultimately will compliment the statement or mood you desire to achieve. Further, will also enhance the richness, beauty, and intensity of your pool for years to come. Medium grey color has been the most popular since its introduction to swimming pools over three decades ago. This was, and still is, accomplished by adding black pigment to the traditional white plaster mix until the desired shade is achieved. Created and dubbed “Tahoe blue” by a well known plastering contractor in the early 70′s, it’s still the most widely selected color today. Under different names, it may be introduced through manufactured color packs or in premixed blends with your quartz or pebble finish.

Today colors for the interior swimming pool come in all shades and hues for traditional plaster or other types of finishes. Most popular, other than the shades of grey (Tahoe Blues), are the array of actual blue color. By manipulating a blue color’s intensity we can provide you with an endless amount of shades. Remember that color and its affect is not limited to and only begins with your vision, a photo, and a color swatch.. Intensity, value, shade, and what you may anticipate depends on time of day, weather, water clarity, depth of pool, and surrounding environment after your pool is filled. Ask your plastering contractors’ opinion, base on their experience, which color they think is a good choice for your pool, what you envision, and take into consideration.

Always remember that your new colored surface is not an opaque paint, but made up of natural minerals subject to certain inherent characteristics. Colored plaster is always subject to variations in shade due to weather conditions during its application, surface its applied to, and water chemistry once it’s filled. With all that said , let us help you select the right color and hue your imagination desires.